Our story

corporatii Our management consultancy team is a multidisciplinary one, gathering experts in management, strategy, taxation, financial, HR, coaching and being leaded by Ioana Arsenie, a senior expert consultant in strategic and financial management.

Over the past 16 years, Ioana Arsenie has created and managed teams, built partnerships and alliances needed for the success of her missions. Since 2004 Ioana is an expert accountant, ACCA member since 2010 and she fluently speaks French and English.


Our starting point is the goal or problem identified by you. We analyse and establish together the causes of the problem. Together we agree on the most efficient methods of eliminating this causes.
Furthermore, we propose you an action plan analysing benefits, costs and associated risks

We punctually intervene in the implementation of the solution and we ensure the permanent monitoring of the process, also after the ending of the implementation stage on a period that we agree on together. Our method is based on cooperation with your teams and directors in order to avoid as much as possible the situation when the decision is ”mandatory” imposed.


Because during so many years of practice I noticed that if the employees, but especially the managers, are not involved in the transformation process of the company and are not supporting it, they finish by sabotaging it and, implicitly, sabotaging the passage at the next growth level.

Through cooperation and cohesion, we ensure both the success of the project and the its realisation at optimal parameters (time, money, located resources). Additionally, we always pay attention at the construction of a adequate budget, taking into account limited interventions, but with impact and working times efficiently distributed.


Din experienta noastra, principalele blocaje in dezvoltarea sustenabila a corporatiilor sunt:

  • Structurile administrative foarte complexe, necorelate si ineficiente;
  • Bugete de cheltuieli fixe si variabile, in crestere, dar nu in linie cu cresterea performantei;
  • Angajati si echipe nealiniati la strategie si la valorile organizatiei, cu motivatii, productivitate si proactivitate scazute. Indicatori de performanta care nu genereaza rezultatele dorite;
  • Control scazut asupra patrimoniului;
  • Nealiniere intre Strategie si Operatiuni;
  • Un management al riscului inexistent si/sau neperformant;
  • Lipsa unui reflex pentru continua optimizare legala, fiscala, financiara.

Lista aceasta este cu siguranta departe de a fi completa.

My main aim in any collaboration I have is to reach together with you the targeted business goals, growing the financial results through developing the clients network and/or costs optimisation. If you wish to plan a first meeting in order to know each other better and to find out if we are the right strategic partner that you need, please write us HERE

Without being a limited list, here are a few projects we propose to you:

Strategical alignment in operations:
Evaluation and improvement of the director performance :
Training of the general director, of the operational director and/or of the development director::
Consultancy in strategic management :
The risk management:
Assistance at the implementation and the optimisation of the information system of inventory and accountancy.:
Fiscal,accountancy and renumeration revision:

Our offer is mainly addressed to the entrepreneurial companies and entrepreneurs, but not only, who realised or are planning a quick development and are aware of their need of receiving support for the strategic and financial management from a professional team in order to be sure that the development of their business is made under optimal conditions, security and with known and assumed risks through performant teams and directors.